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WinLoan-32 Calculation Specifications

WinLoan-32 is our loan calculation and quotation software for the Windows desktop, supporting consumer, commercial, and mortgage loans. WinLoan-32 includes virtually all loan types, accrual methods, and payment protection products used across the country. A quick overview of the loan structures and calculations supported by WinLoan-32 follow. Please note that we offer two version of WinLoan-32. The Consumer version of WinLoan-32 is designed for the lender who only needs to compute the first three types of loan structures below, with or without credit insurance/debt protection, and desires an extremely user-friendly quotation system at minimal cost. The Enterprise version of WinLoan-32 contains all of the functionality listed below. Those items which are included only in the Enterprise version are noted with [Enterprise].

Consumer Loan Calculations

Mortgage Loan Calculations

Payment Frequencies

Fee Types

Interest Accrual Methods

The following unit period interest accrual methods are supported in WinLoan-32:

The following actual day interest accrual methods are supported in WinLoan-32:

Regulation Z and Other APR Calculations

Payment Protection Products

Other Calculations