What's Included with the SCEX

The SCEX includes virtually all loan calculations, accrual methods, and payment protection products used across the country.The SCEX includes many helpful items so that your developers can get up and running in as little time as possible. The following items are included when you license the SCEX:

  • The SCEX dynamic link library (dll) implements the calculation logic necessary to parse input XML, compute loans, and then return the results as XML output.
  • DTD files which strictly define the format of both input and output XML messages.
  • Sample input XML queries and results.
  • A thorough reference manual which defines each XML input and output message, along with all elements and attributes.
  • The SCEX Tester application is provided that allows you to create, edit, and save XML input to be sent to the SCEX. The application then allows you to query the SCEX with this XML input and displays the XML output (which can also be saved). It is an ideal way to experiment with the SCEX before implementing your own complete user interface, and is useful to test suspect XML queries.
  • The SCEX Account Tester is provided to give our partners a useful and effective regression testing tool.
  • The SCEX Updater application provides a seamless process for your clients to receive the latest updates of the SCEX calculation engine. If you integrate our SCEX Updater into an application which is delivered to your clients, then your clients will be empowered with the ability to update the SCEX portion of your software directly from their place of business. Only an email is required to alert the client of the new version. This minimal-touch approach frees you from the hassle of monitoring and managing all of your installed clients' engines.
  • The SCEX Loan Server Service is included for partners who need to access the power and functionality of the SCEX from platforms other than Windows. Please see the appendix covering the SCEX Loan Server Service in the SCEX Reference Manual for further information.
  • Sample source code is provided in Java, C#, vb.net, C, C++, PHP, python, and other languages.
  • World class support from our software development team