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Sales Tools

J. L. Sherman and Associates provides documentation to help you and your sales force sell more payment protection products. We realize that the sale of payment protection can be complex and requires additional time during the sales process to explain the features and benefits. That’s why we’ve provided an online payment protection tutorial with tips on how to effectively present and sell it. Based on our experience with payment protection over many years and working with lending organizations of all sizes, we’ve compiled information that will help you and your sellers increase your sales of these important products.

The tutorial is included with our WinLoan-32 and eWinLoan products, and makes sales training a quick and effective process. Sellers don’t have to attend special training sessions away from their offices - now they have their own training manual right at their desktop as a part of the software!

We also provide a section on how to overcome objections that may arise during the sales process. We list the most common objections and provide scripting on the most effective statements that can be used to overcome the objection. Your sellers won’t fumble for the right words any longer.

Many of our customers use these online resources to increase their sales - it just may be what you need as well! Note that although these documents are specifically worded for insurance products, the information provided is equally applicable to debt protection products.