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Sentinel Hardware Key

Our WinLoan-32 software is protected by Gemalto’s Sentinel Hardware Key, for those customers of ours who choose to license our software on a strict per-seat basis, instead of the more flexible office based pricing option. If you have opted for the per-seat licensing model, then you will receive one hardware key for each licensed seat.

The hardware keys are supplied in two different formats, which you may specify when ordering the software from J. L. Sherman & Associates: universal serial bus (USB) or parallel port. When specifying which version you would prefer, you may select all of one type, or a combination of both.

Hardware Installation

To install the parellel port version of the hardware key, simply attach it to the parallel port of your computer (also called the printer port). If you already have a printer plugged into the parallel port on your computer, then simply unplug the printer cable from the parallel port, attach the hardware key to the parallel port, and then plug the printer cable into the hardware key.

Note that some modern personal computers no longer come with a parallel port. If this is true for you, then you will need to request the USB version of the hardware key.

Installation of the USB hardware key is even easier than installation of the parallel port hardware key - simply find an unused USB port on your computer (most modern desktop personal computers will have several USB ports in the rear, and possibly one or two ports in the front) and plug it in.

With both the software and hardware now successfully installed, WinLoan-32 should now be able to detect the hardware key and execute as expected. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact our technical support department.