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eWinLoan is our web based loan calculation and quotation software, supporting consumer loans, commercial loans, and mortgage loans. eWinLoan includes virtually all loan types, accrual methods, and payment protection products used across the country. A quick overview of the loan structures and calculations supported by eWinLoan follow.Please note that we offer two version of eWinLoan. The Consumer version of eWinLoan is designed for the lender who only needs to compute the first three types of loan structures below, with or without credit insurance/debt protection, and desires an extremely user-friendly quotation system at minimal cost. The Enterprise version of eWinLoan contains all of the functionality listed below. Those items which are included only in the Enterprise version are noted with [Enterprise].

Consumer Loan Calculations

Commercial Loan Calculations

Mortgage Loan Calculations

Payment Frequencies

Fee Types

Interest Accrual Methods

The following unit period interest accrual methods are supported in eWinLoan:

The following actual day interest accrual methods are supported in eWinLoan:

Regulation Z and Other APR Calculations

Payment Protection Products

Other Calculations