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How to Tailor the Loan Quote to the Borrower's Desired Monthly Payment

Focus on the borrower’s needs and desires, and be sure the monthly payment fits the borrower’s budget. With the WinLoan-32 and eWinLoan, you can tailor the monthly payment and your sales presentation without sacrificing the loan protection package.

Remember to ask the borrower what monthly payment she can afford. When you have that information, the loan can be adjusted to match the desired monthly payment. There are several options available in the WinLoan-32 and eWinLoan:

Determining what the borrower’s needs and desires are and tailoring the monthly payment around those needs and desires is an important part of the sales presentation. With the WinLoan Counselor, it is easy and fast. You will be able to satisfy your borrower and meet your objectives at the same time.

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