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Key Sales Tool Features of WinLoan-32 and eWinLoan

Submitted 2013-08-07 13:35:00 -0700

eWinLoan and WinLoan-32 contain key sales too features that are helpful when working with your customers. If your organization is interested in increasing both borrower satisfaction and fee income from payment protection sales, then eWinLoan and WinLoan-32 (J. L. Sherman & Associates two end-user loan quotation products) were developed with you in mind.

There are two main features contained in the WinLoan family of loan quotation software that form a powerful combination to help you in working with your customers. We have detailed the features in an article for eWinLoan, and a separate article for WinLoan-32.

If you are interested in these features and are a current or prospective eWinLoan or WinLoan-32 partner, please contact us so that we can put the power and flexibility of these tools in your hands.