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Deposit calculations Now Available

Submitted 2004-10-20 13:00:00 -0700

The SCEX family of products features loan calculation and compliance software for the end user, as well embedded solutions for partners to use in their own end user applications. While lending calculations have certainly been our bread and butter, our mathematical experience extends into many different areas of your financial institution’s needs. In the past, we provided deposit calculations for some of our customers on a custom basis. Now, in response to requests from some clients, we have added deposit calculations to the WinLoan family of software. WinLoan-32 and the Sherman Calculation Engine now offer IRA and CD calculations. Take a look at some of the specifications below. Of course a wide array of compounding frequencies and interest accrual methods are available in these calculations.

IRA Calculations

For an IRA, you can now…

CD Calculations:

For a CD, you can now…

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