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Commercial Loan Calculations in WinLoan-32

Submitted 2010-10-25 11:10:00 -0700

WinLoan-32 is our loan calculation and quotation software for the Windows desktop, supporting consumer, commercial, and mortgage loans. Some loans are so complex that they don’t fit into a simple category. Accrual methods may change during the course of the loan; multiple payment streams can exist, or payments may have no regular periodicity. For these situations, and others, our commercial loan module was designed.

Timewise irregular payments, multiple accrual methods, multiple payment streams (even interlocking), multiple advances, fees occurring beyond the loan date, interest capitalization during the loan term, changing interest rates during the loan term, and other highly irregular situations are easy configured within our Commercial Loan module. It literally can handle any loan structure imaginable.

Furthermore, the user interface used to define and calculate these complex loans need not be complex itself, as may be seen below. The WinLoan-32 makes computing complex loans easy, disguising all of the power and capability behind a friendly facade. If you are interested in commercial loan quotation software, please contact us today and see what we have to offer.

The WinLoan-32's commercial loan calculation input screen, illustrating a
multiple advance loan with two different payment