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Commercial Loan Calculation in eWinLoan

Submitted 2011-01-18 11:52:00 -0800

eWinLoan is our web based loan calculation and quotation software, supporting consumer loans, commercial loans, and mortgage loans. Commercial Loans are now available in eWinLoan, after first being added to the SCEX and then WinLoan-32.

The Commercial module can handle literally any loan structure imaginable. Here are some possibilities: timewise irregular payments, multiple accrual methods, multiple payment streams (even interlocking), multiple advances, fees occurring beyond the loan date, interest capitalization during the loan term, changing interest rates during the loan term. If you can imagine it, the Commercial module can calculate it.

Furthermore, even though the program is both complex and sophisticated, the user interface is intuitive with lots of help screens. Each of the entries has a clear, detailed explanation, as you can see below, when you place the mouse over “Kind”. The eWinLoan makes computing complex loans easy.

The eWinLoan's commercial loan calculation input screen, illustrating a multiple advance loan with three different payment streams.

As is Sherman and Associates’ standard policy, these enhancements are available to you at no charge if you are a currently licensed eWinLoan user. If you are interested in upgrading your software, or if you have any questions, please contact us.