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Announcing Our Partnership with LoanStar Technologies

Submitted 2018-06-26 14:08:00 -0700

We are pleased to announce that LoanStar Technologies has chosen J. L. Sherman & Associates as their exclusive partner for the loan and insurance calculations in their MerchantLinQ platform. LoanStar will be using the Sherman Calculation Engine with XML Interface (SCEX) to drive the calculations in MerchantLinQ.

“The SCEX allows us ultimate flexibility in the calculation of payment options to consumers at the point-of-sale. Not only do they support us in a way that can match our LOS partners, their knowhow allows us to focus on differentiating to the merchants, instead of worrying about calculation methodologies.”

  • Andrew Turner, CEO, LoanStar Technologies

LoanStar provides their MerchantLinQ platform to banks, credit unions and finance companies seeking to originate consumer loans at the point-of-sale. MerchantLinQ includes a series of tools that enable home improvement contractors, medical practitioners, small vehicle/lawn/garden dealers and renewable energy contractors to position payments with a consumer. The positioning of the financing option on their goods/services through a local lender’s brand enables uplift in adoption.

LoanStar delivers MerchantLinQ as an add-on to existing LOS systems focused on retail or indirect lending and has partnerships with 12 LOS platforms today. Additionally, LoanStar can couple their technology with a sales team that aggregates merchant relationships on behalf of the lender.