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New Partnership with Healthcare Finance Direct

Submitted 2012-08-01 15:01:00 -0700

Healthcare Finance Direct has chosen Sherman & Associates as their exclusive partner for APR calculations within their system, using the SCEX. We are pleased to announce Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD) has chosen Sherman & Associates as their exclusive partner for APR calculations within their proprietary administration system. HFD will be using the Sherman Calculation Engine with XML Interface (SCEX) to drive the calculations within their system.

Based in Bakersfield, CA, HFD offers patient finance solutions to medical practices nationwide. HFD’s software and service allows for credit evaluations, payment recommendations and automatically generated loan terms and paperwork within the medical office.

HFD’s long-standing mission has been to help people enhance their lives by offering low cost financing to patients with challenged credit histories and high medical insurance deductibles. HFD has processed loans in over 6,200 cities including every state and territory in the United States. HFD is the nation’s largest “In-House” finance platform for the Elective Care markets and are rapidly expanding the primary care markets. For further information on HFD and their products, visit their website at www.healthcarefinancedirect.com.

“HFD is thrilled with the opportunity to partner with Sherman & Associates. We shopped around and found the best value with Sherman and Associates. Had we found them first we would have saved a lot of time and effort, no doubt this was the right decision for HFD. By using Sherman’s proven methods within our on-line lending portal and our online administration system, HFD is now in a position to provide our Doctors and Patients an exceptional tool for the efficient administration of patient finance.”

– Tessa Blankenship, Vice President of Technology Services

We very much appreciate Tessa’s comments. HFD joins a list of Loan Origination Software partners comprising the major LOS providers across the consumer loan market, who have selected Sherman & Associates for our loan and insurance calculation expertise and support. Loan and payment protection calculations are our special niche in the lending market. It’s what we do. It’s all that we do, and we believe we do it better than any other company.

If you are looking for a better way to manage the loan and payment protection calculations you provide to your clients, please contact us. We are confident you will find partnering with Sherman & Associates, Inc. is the better way to go.